5 useful Japanese phrases, asking for a date

Konya hima? (Are you free tonight?) Ashita isogashii? (Are you busy tomorrow?) Kondo issho ni gohan doudesuka? (Would you like to go for dinner/lunch together next time?) Issho ni nomini ikimasennka? (Do you want to go for a drink?) Issho ni Eiga ikkimasenka? (Do you want to go to see a film?)

How do you say ‘You are beautiful’ in Japanese?

In Japanese, ‘beautiful’ is; Kirei So if you want to tell someone they are beautiful you say, Anata wa kirei desu. Or Anata wa totemo kirei. (‘toremo’ means ‘very’) To men ‘Kirei’ is normally used for women, not men. To men, you should say; Totemo kakko-ii (very cool) ! Kirei and Kawaii Most Japanese women also like to be told kawaii (meaning ‘cute’). ‘Kawaii’ has different meanings, like ‘nice’, ‘little(small)’, ‘good’, but it is always very positive. When a Japanese lady says ‘kawaii!’, she may just mean ‘I like it!’. They could admire almost everything in the same way, such as cars, cosmetics, people, animals… If you say to a […]