Introduce yourself in Japanese at the first meeting

at the first meeting Hajimemashite (How do you do? / Nice to meet you) This phrase is only for the first time to meet. When you are told by somebody ‘Hajimemashite’, you can reply ‘Hajimemashite’ in the same. Tell her/him your name Watashi wa X desu. (I am X) Watashi no namae wa X desu. (My name is X) ask her/his name Namae wa nan-desuka? (What is your name?) O- namae wa? (Your name, please?) Namae wo oshiete-kudasai. (could you tell me your name, please?) tell her/him where you are from Watashi wa America-jin desu. (I am American/ from U.S) Igirisu kara kimashita. (I came from England) *’Igirisu’ means ‘England’. […]

How do you say ‘You are beautiful’ in Japanese?

In Japanese, ‘beautiful’ is; Kirei So if you want to tell someone they are beautiful you say, Anata wa kirei desu. Or Anata wa totemo kirei. (‘toremo’ means ‘very’) To men ‘Kirei’ is normally used for women, not men. To men, you should say; Totemo kakko-ii (very cool) ! Kirei and Kawaii Most Japanese women also like to be told kawaii (meaning ‘cute’). ‘Kawaii’ has different meanings, like ‘nice’, ‘little(small)’, ‘good’, but it is always very positive. When a Japanese lady says ‘kawaii!’, she may just mean ‘I like it!’. They could admire almost everything in the same way, such as cars, cosmetics, people, animals… If you say to a […]

How do you say ‘I love you’ in Japanese?

In Japanese, ‘I love you’ is Aishite-imasu or Aishite-ru (in a casual way) But if you say ‘Aishite-ru’ at the beginning of your relationship or the first time you tell your partner about your love, it might sound like ‘too heavy’ or may surprise them. If you want to tell them that you are in love with them, you can just say Suki desu. (literally ‘I like you’) Anata ga suki desu. (‘I like you’, ‘anata’ means ‘you’) note; It is better to replace ‘Anata’ with her/his name or nickname, because ‘anata(meaning you)’ sounds very polite and even bossy sometimes.